Prospect Auto Sale and Repair
Prospect Auto Sale and Repair

Products & Services

All Body Work

Parts replacement (both original & aftermarket), dent & scratch removal, glass repair (we can repair any glass piece including windshields, door glass, window glass, rear glass and more)...

Detailing & Refinishing

Including polishing, buffing & waxing

All Mechanical work

Engines (including cleaning), suspension work, transmissions (repairs and replacements) & more

Car Rental Assistance and Towing service

We'll help you get setup with a rental car to hold you over while we repair your vehicle plus we guarantee 24 Hrs towing service to get your vehicle transported to our shop, no matter what time of day you find yourself in need.

Computerized Diagnostics

Including computerized claims processing & estimates

Tire Balancing

Including wheel alignment & rotation

Electrical Repairs

Including window switches, door locks & alarms

Air Conditioning

Compressors, refrigerant leaks, condensers and more

Paint Work

We use Spies Hecker for all paint jobs

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