Prospect Auto Sale and Repair
Prospect Auto Sale and Repair

Products & Services

All Body Work

Parts replacement (both original & aftermarket), dent & scratch removal, glass repair (we can repair any glass piece including windshields, door glass, window glass, rear glass and more)...

Detailing & Refinishing

Including polishing, buffing & waxing

All Mechanical work

Engines (including cleaning), suspension work, transmissions (repairs and replacements) & more

Car Rental Assistance 

We'll help you get setup with a rental car to hold you over while we repair your vehicle 

Computerized Diagnostics

Including computerized claims processing & estimates

Tire Balancing

Including wheel alignment & rotation

Electrical Repairs

Including window switches, door locks & alarms

Air Conditioning

Compressors, refrigerant leaks, condensers and more

Paint Work

We use Spies Hecker for all paint jobs

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